The idea of Apostolic Christian LifePoints (ACLP) was conceived by God moving the hearts and minds of parents within the Apostolic Christian Church body. Consequently, after much thought, prayer and effort, the home opened in 1971 under the name Apostolic Christian Home for the Handicapped. The aim and quest was and is to assure that individuals with disabilities within the church, as well as within the community, be served and cared for with love, dignity and in the safety of a Christian atmosphere.

The services of the Agency are overseen by a Board of Directors appointed by the Apostolic Christian Church.

The Agency has grown in many ways and continues to carry out its work under God’s direction. Some changes over the years include the addition in 1978 at the south end of our 74-bed facility. Ten years later, our Agency opened its first 16-bed facility. The smaller setting allows residents to live with a heightened sense of independence and community. With the success of our first 16-bed facility, the Lord made a way for ACLP to open a second 16-bed home in 1994. As time passed, ACLP was blessed with the vision and resources to open several small (4 to 5 bed) homes within the town of Morton. These small homes, commonly referred to as Community Integrated Living Arrangements or CILAs, afford our residents even greater independence and the opportunity to develop stronger daily living skills. Keeping the concept of smaller homes in mind, in 2013 one of our 16-bed homes was remodeled to allow 12 individuals in wheelchairs to live in a home that provides greater independence while maintaining a high degree of services, safety and dignity.

In the 1980s the name started to become uncomfortable. Some residents didn’t like living in a home for “handicapped” people. It was not how they wanted to be known, and not what they wanted to call their home. The first group homes were also being started and there was confusion over whether the Home for the Handicapped was the name of the building or the name of the agency.

In 1999 the large facility was renamed Apostolic Christian Timber Ridge. The name was well received and it matched the setting. It sounded residential and respectful. It was easy to remember and easy to say. At that time the Board of Directors attempted to find an appropriate agency name but could not come up with a name they felt comfortable with. Staff resorted to using Apostolic Christian Services in order to avoid outdated language. In communication with agency staff and residents the agency was referred to as Apostolic Christian Services or just “the agency”. However within the Apostolic Christian Church the full name was still used in order to avoid confusion with other nursing homes or services.

In 2016 the Board decided to try again to come up with a suitable name for the agency. This time the process led to the new agency name Apostolic Christian LifePoints which was approved in March 2016 by the Apostolic Christian Elder Body.